Thursday, October 14, 2010

C language library function (K class letters)

Function name: kbhit
Function: check the current key pressed
Usage: int kbhit (void);
Program example:
# Include

int main (void)
cprintf ("Press any key to continue:");
while (! kbhit ()) / bin / boot / dev / etc / home / lib / lost + found / media / misc / mnt / net / opt / proc / root / sbin / selinux / srv / sys / tmp / u01 / usr / var / vmware do nothing backup / bin / conf / data / log / maint / svn / tmp /;
cprintf ("rnA key was pressed ... rn");
return 0;

Function name: keep
Function: quit and continued presence
Usage: void keep (int status, int size);
Program example:

/ *** NOTE:
This is an interrupt service routine. You
can NOT compile this program with Test
Stack Overflow turned on and get an
executable file which will operate
correctly. Due to the nature of this
function the formula used to compute
the number of paragraphs may not
necessarily work in all cases. Use with
care! Terminate Stay Resident (TSR)
programs are complex and no other support
for them is provided. Refer to the
MS-DOS technical documentation
for more information. backup / bin / conf / data / log / maint / svn / tmp /
# Include
/ Bin / boot / dev / etc / home / lib / lost + found / media / misc / mnt / net / opt / proc / root / sbin / selinux / srv / sys / tmp / u01 / usr / var / vmware The clock tick interrupt backup / bin / conf / data / log / maint / svn / tmp /
# Define INTR 0x1C
/ Bin / boot / dev / etc / home / lib / lost + found / media / misc / mnt / net / opt / proc / root / sbin / selinux / srv / sys / tmp / u01 / usr / var / vmware Screen attribute (blue on grey) backup / bin / conf / data / log / maint / svn / tmp /
# Define ATTR 0x7900

/ Bin / boot / dev / etc / home / lib / lost + found / media / misc / mnt / net / opt / proc / root / sbin / selinux / srv / sys / tmp / u01 / usr / var / vmware reduce heaplength and stacklength
to make a smaller program in memory backup / bin / conf / data / log / maint / svn / tmp /
extern unsigned _heaplen = 1024;
extern unsigned _stklen = 512;

void interrupt (* oldhandler) (void);

void interrupt handler (void)
unsigned int (far * screen) [80];
static int count;

/ Bin / boot / dev / etc / home / lib / lost + found / media / misc / mnt / net / opt / proc / root / sbin / selinux / srv / sys / tmp / u01 / usr / var / vmware For a color screen the video memory
is at B800: 0000. For a monochrome
system use B000: 000 backup / bin / conf / data / log / maint / svn / tmp /
screen = MK_FP (0xB800, 0);

/ Bin / boot / dev / etc / home / lib / lost + found / media / misc / mnt / net / opt / proc / root / sbin / selinux / srv / sys / tmp / u01 / usr / var / vmware increase the counter and keep it
within 0 to 9 backup / bin / conf / data / log / maint / svn / tmp /
count + +;
count% = 10;

/ Bin / boot / dev / etc / home / lib / lost + found / media / misc / mnt / net / opt / proc / root / sbin / selinux / srv / sys / tmp / u01 / usr / var / vmware put the number on the screen backup / bin / conf / data / log / maint / svn / tmp /
screen [0] [79] = count +''0''+ ATTR;

/ Bin / boot / dev / etc / home / lib / lost + found / media / misc / mnt / net / opt / proc / root / sbin / selinux / srv / sys / tmp / u01 / usr / var / vmware call the old interrupt handler backup / bin / conf / data / log / maint / svn / tmp /
oldhandler ();

int main (void)

/ Bin / boot / dev / etc / home / lib / lost + found / media / misc / mnt / net / opt / proc / root / sbin / selinux / srv / sys / tmp / u01 / usr / var / vmware get the address of the current clock
tick interrupt backup / bin / conf / data / log / maint / svn / tmp /
oldhandler = getvect (INTR);

/ Bin / boot / dev / etc / home / lib / lost + found / media / misc / mnt / net / opt / proc / root / sbin / selinux / srv / sys / tmp / u01 / usr / var / vmware install the new interrupt handler backup / bin / conf / data / log / maint / svn / tmp /
setvect (INTR, handler);

/ Bin / boot / dev / etc / home / lib / lost + found / media / misc / mnt / net / opt / proc / root / sbin / selinux / srv / sys / tmp / u01 / usr / var / vmware _psp is the starting address of the
program in memory. The top of the stack
is the end of the program. Using _SS and
_SP Together we can get the end of the
stack. You may want to allow a bit of
saftey space to insure that enough room
is being allocated ie:
(_SS + ((_SP + Safety space) / 16) - _psp)
backup / bin / conf / data / log / maint / svn / tmp /
keep (0, (_SS + (_SP/16) - _psp));
return 0;

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Friday, October 8, 2010

Single-core Conroe two series were named Pentium, Celeron

Pentium Pentium, Celeron Celeron - as we prepared to leave with two classic brands reluctant to part time, Intel has decided to continue the effectiveness of both. Second quarter of 2007, Intel will introduce a single-core Conroe-L processors, named Pentium E1000; the third quarter, single-core Conroe-L is a more low-end extension of the series, named Celeron 400, the two will replace the current Pentium 4 and Celeron D, to be the last single-core Intel processor.

There are now known Pentium E1000 3, respectively, E1060, E1040, E1020, clocked at 1.8GHz, 1.6GHz, 1.4GHz, FSB 800MHz, 2 cache 1MB, and now a similar Presler core Pentium 4. Celeron D series, the specific number is unknown, but will shrink to the front-side bus 533MHz, 2 cache is only 512KB, and the current Celeron D Cedar Mill core similar.

But that's always going to go. The second quarter of next year, Intel's desktop processor shipments will be 50% of all Core 2 Duo, Pentium D is only 24%, Pentium 4 and Celeron D together, but 16%.

The first half of 2007, Intel desktop processor family

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Monday, September 27, 2010

Open-source can not be anti-monopoly

Software Association, the open-source software, gave rise to many different opinions. The biggest problem is the controversy with the Chinese software market, combining the anti-monopoly, and whether the focus is on open-source anti-monopoly, it can support the domestic software business. Regarding the open-source software is commercial software is basically without meaning, as long as there sold as a commodity business sense, has nothing to do with it does not really open source. "No direct government support or interfere with any form of software business model," no doubt is unreasonable, any government of any industry to have a certain degree of intervention, this world there is no Utopia.

The real question is, now seems to be a point of view, the power of open source as a kind of salvation, relying on this power can be anti-software monopoly, veering from the software industry can save China. Personal opinion, this view led to the Government's policy if the tendency to impose a simple open source software companies, the result has not been very good results, the results rejected the domestic software industry, the Government should support the correct conclusion that the harm is very great.

So there is hope that the anti-open source software is monopolization? Answer does not seem very sure.

We look back at history we can see that monopoly, or loose a little the market is a fundamental factor is the high share of innovation, and any administrative means to a simple high share of mandatory break is basically futile.

SAP's monopoly that they first mainframe era of big software completely customizable environment to standardize management of software industrialization. Even now a large enterprise market is saturated, new technologies have emerged, the new market environment has become the case, at present still no management software companies to create new models to be pushed SAP throne, just fine in the changed sub-market to find small living space.

Oracle's monopoly from the first relational database industrialization. PostgresSQL, MySQL relational database is still the same hardware running on general-purpose computing model, developed over the years, though made some market share, but enough to shake the so-called monopoly of it?

Microsoft's desktop software market today, the source of monopoly where? Is 80 years to develop its innovative third-party independent of the operating system business model. This model is contact the hardware manufacturers, software vendors and consumers an equal opportunity of win-win model. This balance is difficult to break, the EU mandatory version of Windows without media browser market response is not a good example. Linux could replace it? In this mode, basically impossible. So Microsoft can not beat it? Not many companies are now using Microsoft's new market squeeze the market, Google, Apple need not repeat them.

There is also cite examples of Chinese textiles. China's manufacturing industry can not be considered to create a new model is so new, that is, cheap labor and social transition, the use of other natural resources, significantly reduce the product cost. Even if such a model is not very clear, the U.S. government can limit by simple but have lost this "monopoly" it? Anti can not afford to. The high cost of local manufacturers have not innovative responses, then still only a small segment of survival in space.

Of course, the open-source software, not, indeed should be precisely the free software to create a new model, it is possible antitrust, said the following.

In fact, the market has never been any anti-trust, there are only emerging market to replace the old market. It is worth noting that these innovations are rarely more than an alternative, and more are incremental. Old market is not completely replaced, but the new market attracted more attention. Therefore, these innovations more easily accepted.

Back that free software have certainly created a new model that is free and free re-creation. The result could lead to existing commercial software market could be a completely new copy is not software sales, only sales of new software services market to replace. This revolution is the alternative, moved many people's cheese, so the resistance is extremely large.

Look at open source and national industry issues.

The concept is not the same open-source free software, especially if its a simple and broadly linked to revitalize national industry, then. If you want to rely on free software, the revitalization of the national industry to be completely transition to free copies, up sales and service model. If you rely solely on open source, to be honest, the current open source code where there is no innovation, revitalization out of the question. Shuffled around and the great spirit of open source is not that there is no open source innovation is indeed the Achilles heel. Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP, GIMP, etc., etc., all is not unique (Apache special, which is ahead of other similar products there is another imitation of him, so market share is also the highest). Is not to belittle and deny, but many open source developers are now busy with repeat achieve many things, but no effort thinking innovation. Is a typical Linux-based Desktop. Even the field of pure technology, the past few years has said the name, Java, Web Service, AJAX, etc., these are not from the open source community.

In short, we Again, no savior in this world, there is no opportunity to fall from the sky. Still not open source. To break the monopoly, free software service model can be used, such as current strength Founder with the Chinese to open up a new e-publishing market, such as the telecommunications industry to follow step by step break, these are way out. Just need step by step, without exception, made great efforts and input. Right visual point is, Jinshan rewrite WPS, never using Java rewrite hopefully survive, although the contact with the world as long as less likely to tear down the MS Office. Open Office expect packaged to sell certain death.

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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

BenQ CD-R/RW discs identify the true and false

BenQ's CD-R/RW discs on the market has been very hot and, therefore, for some counterfeiting; for consumers to buy counterfeit disc is not only white 鑺变簡鍐ゆ瀴閽?BenQ BenQ, and counterfeit products do not Some DataGuard with Ming Jite patent data protection technology, are more likely to accelerate the loss of life recorder, resulting in greater losses. Distinguish between genuine and fake it How does BenQ's recorder disc? Is very simple, just follow the tips to test fake show their true colors immediately.

Tips 1: disk observation

Genuine BenQ BenQ's recorder disc printing very fine product compared to a rough counterfeit products. The techniques used in the purchase, simple, high degree of accuracy; if observed carefully in advance genuine BenQ disc, an easier identification.

Tips 2: Ring code observation

CD production usually printed in the inner ring (inscribed) ring code, which is within the factory specifications and brand identification CD-ROM information, the same can be true and false recognition BenQ BenQ as an indicator of the disc. Genuine BenQ discs generally have two groups in the inner disc digital, and is generally concave carved form; one near the inner ring is a U at the beginning of the general code, coding rules are as follows: "UD09002031335 4 80A4", serial number may be up with eight identical. BenQ disc's inner ring with engraved serial number, rather more than fakes but mostly for the ink near the outer ring code is in general the AMC or the MAX at the beginning of the majority. The most inner ring false disc code is printed in black majority, close to the outer ring codes varied, but basically do not start to AMC or MAX. The outer ring of code near the AMC or the MAX at the beginning of the general is most common. The most inner ring false disc code is printed in black majority, close to the outer ring codes varied, but basically do not start to AMC or MAX. This technique can be only visual, simple, high degree of accuracy; but need to know in advance the preparation of genuine environmental code rules can be easily taken as an expert - just have to look a lot of knowledgeable experts can tell, Central yards CD production plant, type, batch, etc.

Tips 3: Software Testing Method

Each regular CD burning plant would be assigned a unique ATIP (Absoluted Time In Pregroove) encoding, and this code will correspond with the manufacturer; and can not easily change, so this is true or false BenQ discs are the most accurate One of the ways.

To detect burn disc ATIP code, only need to use common burning software "Nero - Burning Rom" 灏?Keyi see and Nero will Yiyou information of Changshangmingcheng show, and not by comparing the ATIP code is correct, very convenience.


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Monday, August 2, 2010

Wong Lo Kat: Benchmarking the danger of

The new "Food Safety Law" was formally implemented on June 1, in which the strict rules on food additives is a bright spot. The latest from the promulgation of the new food hygiene in public events, that is just not long ago settled the Wong Lo Kat incident.

No one would have thought that the crisis had not "Prunella" incident actually turned into a massive surprise that Wong Lo Kat crisis, the anger of public opinion critical networks, major media events relish playing, hard-line consumers the firm support of the official proceedings constitute a postmodern spectacle market.

Recourse nature of the event seems no longer important, and shouting with delight Querang netizens attack with emotional release channels, Wong Lo Kat unfortunately become a mass entertainment media era victims.

Exposure compared to Johnson, Sanlu added melamine, milk, light milk skillet, Nestle excessive iodine, from the perspective of enterprise crisis, Wong Lo Kat's "Prunella" event and not much of value - but why the events small logo will be upgraded into a national dynamic of "inverted Wong Lo Kat" wave? in the "inverted king" of public opinion bore in front of Wong Lo Kat contributions one million businesses act of charity Why was consciously forgotten? Wong Lo Kat annual local government and industry to create great interest and value of such non- people mentioned?

As our in-depth analysis of this "inverted king" tide of public opinion behind the emotions, we will find that the core source of public attacks that it was not Wanglaoji red tank top did not identify the pharmacological effects of Prunella this pettiness Instead, Wong Lo Kat to become "the first Chinese beverage cans," this ambitious goal, trigger, or attract a lot of blame, hostility, hate, or gloat over the psychological.

This is actually a company in the benchmarking process of the dangers inherent in the trap.

When a person for any opportunity suddenly became rich overnight, and he vowed to become the country's richest man, its trigger hostility and hate psychology certainly overwhelming. Wong Lo Kat's competitors in the view, the arrogance of Wong Lo Kat put on public trial of the platform to become the target is only a matter of - "Prunella" incident broke out, deepening, diffusion only "down King" are caught a fuse.

From herbal tea to drink, Wong Lo Kat's gorgeous turned in to find a blue ocean product positioning, rapidly expanding market space, but also set a lot for their new rival, Wong Lo Kat's competitors are no longer Huangzhen Long, supernatant drink Deng old herbal tea, but Wahaha, Huiyuan and Coca-Cola!

With the scale and strength of the upgrade, expansion of the scope of this competition is a normal phenomenon, but as Wong Lo Kat in the beverage industry, surging, and the high-profile proposal to be "the first Chinese beverage cans," which makes the beverage industry veteran who many places If a thorn in the back. While the company's benchmarking Wong Lo Kat has a clear goal, but public sentiment easy to automatically become a target of attack.

Around the outside of beverage industry, the self-benchmarking companies repeated the non-poor conditions in fact, almost every industry has become the first impulse of Hope leader who has become a leader in call panacea, but many companies are looking to the ambitious goals of the distance only beautiful scenery, but forgotten in the benchmark set at the same time, it is actually perfect for the business is covered with a model of moral crisis of the bubble - when the public found that business model has not been fully realized as a moral demands, resentment inevitably turbulent emotions out, bit of a crisis event can quickly be brought together into a vast sea of the crisis, those companies swallowed without adequate preparation, this is the business process of benchmarking the danger.

As a benchmark for corporate, public or industry to its brand, products, business operations and other aspects of positive expectations will greatly enhance their bit harsh mistakes or blame must redouble, Wong Lo Kat "Prunella" event just for cruising but has been find the emergency exit provided the public mood to vent channels - in contributions from the incident forced the door open apology Wang Shi, Mengniu melamine incident in public tears of Niu Gensheng, although two have been the benchmark of entrepreneurs and a model figure, but When their words or actions when mistakes, the tide of public opinion, to be brutally swept them and their business behind completely inundated, leaving no trace of sensibilities.

Benchmarking of business as a huge public pressure to bear snails in it harsh or irrational accusations are actually understandable. But a review of the industry, excellent business are critical in the line before the amendment, excellent enterprises are more perfect in the blame of their own operations. From this perspective, "Prunella" event for Wong Lo Kat, is not only a crisis of the warning, but also a chance to think anti-bow: the road of corporate benchmarking should be more along Gairuhezou more stable?

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Saturday, July 24, 2010

I have fish and bear's paw: MSNPlus make better use of MSN

MSN and QQ should be used up to now all the chat tool, but often people feel very tangled. QQ you open it, then the Ka Wayi shape always made me feel quite 90, to open MSN it, to be honest, QQ not a good multi MSN. 2 with open bar, a computer screen is not that big, put two large strips, together with then pop-up to the N-chat window on the chaos up the entire desktop at once, looking very uncomfortable.

In fact, many people prefer MSN's interface, clean, nothing fancy, usually with a very comfortable working with, but some like MSN, NPC will not give up QQ, QQ function because it is too strong, it can direct transfer diagram, screenshot, file transfer speed and MSN do not have these features, it is a clean interface to like MSN QQ function but can not give up what people headaches. This seemingly can not have both fish and bear's paw to choose what to do?

I also favor a clean page on MSN, although the function of MSN itself flawed, but they can increase the plug-in way to make up, I add a plug-in is very simple post with the latest version of MSNPlus, this plugin is very interesting, absorbing QQ is very popular with many but MSNPlus not function, and certain other innovation is a very very good also with home-made plug-in, you really make a fish stew to eat.

It is currently publishing features are:

1.MSN more open, allowing you to open multiple MSN, MSN account with the number of log;

2. Screenshot, can be as arbitrary as the QQ screenshot;

3. Photo forward pass, the same can directly drag the map as the QQ into the dialog box to send a carriage return;

4. Friendship Group news tips to unread messages displayed in the status bar, not like before that MSN has ah flash of lightning;

5. Automatically open the panel, automatic open MSN groups or small i robot panel;

6.MSN group management in the MSN main window allows you to create groups, search groups, manage your group;

7. Foreign Language Assistant, to foreigners in foreign direct translation into Chinese, and foreigners are useful chat

8. Chat encryption, you can escape the surveillance network;

9. Personalized text conversion, the fonts into Martian text, vertical text and other interesting forms.

This plug-in fact, pretty much function can basically meet the needs of most users, I personally think that such comparison should try several functions: screen shots, pictures, forward pass, foreign language assistants, chat encryption, if you use both groups . im in the MSN group, then, MSN group management and re-open the panel is also worth trying.

First, we take a look at screenshots.

MSNPlus installed after the original MSN a sign will appear.

Screenshot after clicking will direct, while the cut-off of completed plans will directly appear in the text window, carriage returns can be sent, very convenient.

The second noteworthy feature is the picture forward pass. You can image directly onto the text box and hit enter to send. But this function and the function of just the shots on the law also need to install MSNPlus, or still the traditional file transfer will be distributed to the other way, and not directly appear in the chat window.

Drag the image directly to the text box.

And press Enter to send.

Haha, is not very convenient ah ~

Among those who use MSN are some people to chat with foreigners (foreigners apparently not QQ ... ...). Although the popularity of English, but the real master of English is small, I believe we have the foreigners because they do not know what to say and then do not the embarrassment, not to say that there are a lot of spade French German Spanish Italian only non- mainstream foreigners. In this regard, MSNPlus doing very well, click on the icon will pop-up translation of the page, eliminating the trouble of climbing google translation.

Chat Encryption

MSN chat privacy is not particularly good, if the company uses, it could easily be detected by network management, people feel a little uncomfortable. If you and I have the same concerns, you can also try the next in the chat encryption, so no matter what you and your friends will not talk any further concerns about friends.

Will appear after clicking a private chat dialog

So do not worry about being monitored chat friends ~ ~ ~

These are I think the more interesting features. If you use MSN at the same time so small I Robot, the plug-in can speed up your speed and small I chat. Also, if you use the MSN group, then there is a corresponding group of the MSNPlus management. You may need based on your personal freedom to use the plug-in, I believe that will increase your MSN experience a lot of fun.

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Thursday, July 8, 2010

CDA MP3 to M4A

Don't take our word for it,see for yourself. CDA MP3 to M4A makes direct digital copies from audio CDs and saves them as MP3s, WMAs, OGGs, or WAVs. CDA MP3 to M4A is very easy to use and have fast speed. Just click on one button a CDs will be extracted. CDA MP3 to M4A can also Convert WAV files to MP3,WMA and OGG files.
Convert CD audio tracks into MP3, CD, CDA, CD-R, DVD-Audio, AAC, AC3, ID3, M3U, M4A, M4P, MP3 ID3 Tag, OGG, RA, WAV, WMA, MP2, APE, VQF, MPC, AMR, Midi, WAVE, and RM file files.

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